April Health eNewsletter 
Thursday, 03 April 2008 
April Health eNewsletter

This month is Cancer Control Month. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but many cancers can be successfully treated if diagnosed early. Screening tests are available for many forms of cancer, including colorectal, breast, cervical and prostate. Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital is committed to the early detection and prevention of cancer through education, screenings and regular health exams. Click here to learn more about cancer screenings. 

Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital is committed to providing quality care for you and your family. Learn about some of our latest initiatives below, research health topics on our web site and find an event that interests you.

Growing with you. For you.

Celebrating 25 Healthy Years

Take a deep breath and blow out the candles on the birthday cake, all 25 of them. That’s how many years Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital has been providing quality health care to the Cy-Fair community. As the population surrounding the hospital has expanded and matured, so has the hospital. Visit our Web site to learn more about our 25 years of quality care and service.

Are You at Risk for a Stroke?

Smile, raise both arms and repeat a simple sentence. This may sound like child’s play, but you could be having a stroke if you can’t follow these three simple steps. So are you at risk for a stroke? Find out with a free preventative screening at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital on Saturday, April 12. Click here to register for an appointment today.

Making Breast Health Quick, Easy, Comfortable

Cypress Fairbanks Women’s Imaging Center and the Women’s Health Boutique will host a free private breast self-exam consultation and bra fitting session on Saturday, May 3. Discuss how to perform breast self-exams one-on-one with a registered technologist and receive a complimentary, private bra fitting for all figure types. Register for an appointment today.

Caring for Your Aging Parents – Free Seminar

Just as parents care for us through our childhood and adolescent years, children often assume the role of the caregiver as parents age. Learn how you can start being proactive in the care of your aging parents. Join us for a free informative seminar on Tuesday, April 29 to discuss important health concerns and things you can do to help their health and well being. Click here to register today.

Generic Drugs as Good as Brand-Name Versions

Did you know that generic drugs have essentially the same dosage, strength, intended use, side effects, safety, method of administration and risks as brand-name drugs? The differences between generic and brand-name drugs are essentially price and appearance. Visit our Web site to learn more.