A Marine in Afghanistan Sees the Birth of His Son at Cy-Fair 
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital 
Thursday, 14 July 2011 

A distance of more than 7,900 miles and a time difference of nine-and a-half hours did not keep Lance Corporal Preston Luke Jones from seeing the birth of his son, Preston Myles Jones, on April 23, 2011. That was the day his wife, Sarah, delivered their first child at 9:18 a.m., Houston time, at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital.

An Unexpected Delivery Day
Myles was born one month early through an emergency cesarean section. Sarah was admitted to the hospital the day before the birth with blood pressure problems that made the procedure necessary.

Yet, while LCpl Jones may have missed his first wedding anniversary and younger brother’s high school graduation, he was able to be a part of his son’s early birthday by being logged into Skype™ from his station in Afghanistan and by a laptop computer in the operating room. Sarah’s mother held the webcam during the birth so that LCpl Jones was able to see his son’s face even before his wife did.

Staying in Touch Overseas
“The delivery was the first time that I had seen Luke since he left, even though we had talked on the phone and e-mailed,” says Sarah. “I feel very blessed that we were able to use Skype™ so that Luke could witness the birth of his son. I’m also taking lots of photos of Myles to send to him via e-mail, and I’m posting them on Facebook, too.”

LCpl Jones, who is part of the 123rd Marine battalion, left for his tour of duty in January 2011 and is expected to return home sometime in the fall. This was his first overseas tour after already serving two years of active duty, two years in the reserves, and almost two years in the ready reserves.

Expert Care Ensures Healthy Mom and Baby
Despite being born early, at 5 pounds, 10 ounces, Myles did not require any special medical care. Sarah also recovered from the birth without any complications and was able to take Myles home from the hospital with her.

“Myles is a good baby, he sleeps well, and has already gained 10 ounces since he was born,” says Sarah. “We are looking forward to all being together and attending Champion Forest Baptist Church as a family. And since Luke and I are both musically inclined—I play the violin and French horn and he sings—we want to be able to play music together at home for our son.”

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