Anissa Speight Recognized as the 2010 Cy-Fair Tenet Hero 
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital 
Wednesday, 12 May 2010 

Cy-Fair Hospital is pleased to announce that Anissa Speight, Ultrasound Supervisor at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital, has been selected as Cy-Fair’s 2010 Tenet Hero. 

As Tenet’s highest award for employees, the Hero Award recognizes exceptional employees whose dedication to going above and beyond for their patients, co-workers, and communities is evident every day.  Anissa joins honorees from Tenet’s 49 hospitals and outpatient facilities, regional and business offices, and corporate departments. 

Anissa is the go-to person for fetal ultrasounds at Cy-Fair Hospital. She has been with the hospital since early 2008. Prior to coming to Cy-Fair, Anissa was pregnant with her third child and noticed that the baby’s heart didn’t look right on an ultrasound. Further ultrasound examinations confirmed that her unborn child had a heart defect.

Her son’s heart defect led Anissa to a passion for all parents and children with heart defects. Anissa studied fetal heart anomalies along with the advanced research and treatments for children with heart defects. She spearheaded a change in hospital protocol so that obstetric ultrasounds would include complete cardiac anatomy. This expanded ultrasound takes only a few more minutes to perform and can help alert physicians if a fetus is in trouble. She serves on the national board of directors and chairs the medical advisory board for It’s My Heart, a national organization for congenital heart defects.

Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital would like to congratulate Anissa Speight and all the Tenet Heroes for their achievement.