CFMCH Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary 
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital 
Thursday, 17 April 2008 

Opened in May 1983, Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital is proud to celebrate 25 healthy years of caring for the community. Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital is dedicated to providing advanced health services and quality care.

To you the community, your trust we hold dear
‘Cause of you Cy-Fair’s celebrating twenty-five years!  

For twenty-five years we’ve been honored to serve,
To give you the care we know you deserve.  

We’ve crossed from one century on to the next,
Preserving our passion to be the best.  

For two and a half decades, the bar we have raised,
For 300 months, over 9,000 days.  

True to our name, we’ve grown like a tree,
Reaching a silver anniversary.  

The eighties are memories, the nineties are gone,
Now in two thousand and eight we are still standing strong.  

Pursing our mission, we stay steadfast and true
To provide quality health care service to you.  

Strike up the band and serve up the cake
We've got reason to celebrate, make no mistake.  

But on this 25th birthday, while celebration is due,
We dare not forget that it’s all because of you.  

Our staff shines like stars, lighting the sky
Knowing our patients are the real reason why.  

Our fire still burns, our passion still soars,
And we’ll be here to care for you twenty-five more.  

You’ve given us purpose, years of memories to share.
Thank you so much, from the staff of Cy-Fair.

- Colleen M. Hutson

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