Women Can Take Steps to Prevent Bone Loss 
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital 
Friday, 26 June 2009 
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital Offers Free Bone Density Screening

As we get older we slowly start to see the visible signs of aging, like some laugh lines around the mouth or a few more gray hairs that just didn’t seem to be there yesterday. These outward changes will probably be noticed, but there is another change your body may be going through that is not as easy to detect - bone loss. Approximately half of women and one-fourth of men over the age of 50 are at risk for developing osteoporosis. Our bodies break down more bone than they are able to rebuild as we age, which can weaken our bones and make them more prone to fractures.

Osteoporosis, which means “porous bone,” is a disease that occurs when the bones weaken to the point that they become fragile and break easily. Today, about 10 million Americans have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and many more have lost enough bone mass so that they have a condition known as osteopenia, placing them at risk for serious bone loss and fractures.

Fortunately, you can take steps to detect and treat this condition early. The National Osteoporosis Foundations makes the following recommendations to help prevent the deterioration of bone tissue and keep bones strong:

  • Eat a diet high in calcium and vitamin D
  • Engage in weight-bearing and resistance-training exercises
  • Avoid smoking or abusing alcohol
  • Talk with a doctor about bone health
  • Have a bone density test
  • Take appropriate medications or implement lifestyle changes as prescribed by your physician

Attend a free bone mineral density preventive screening at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital on Saturday, July 25th in the hospital’s Professional Building Classrooms located at 11302 Fallbrook Drive to learn more about your risk for developing osteoporosis. The event, designed for women between the ages of 40 and 65, will provide a bone density screening of the ankle, risk factor analysis and health information to help you take better care of your bones. This screening is free, but appointments are required. Call 800-681-2733 to register today.