Your Heart Health 
Free Heart Healthy Preventative Screenings

At Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center we are dedicated to providing quality cardiac services designed around prevention, intervention and treatment.  We offer preventative heart health screenings that are designed to give you the tools you need to better manage your own heart health.

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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack
It is especially important to be aware of the symptoms of heart attack or stroke, two leading causes of death in the United States.


Risk Factors for Heart Disease


Check Out Our Online Health Tools

These tools include:

    Health Risk Assessment - access the health profile that will help you better understand your total health picture.
   Health Calculators - include body mass index, stress level, baby due date, and more.

   Body Guide - take an interactive tour between the 12 systems of the body, both male and female.

Physician Referral
For a physician referral call toll-free 1-800-681-2733. This free service is available 24 hours a day or click here for the online Physician Finder.

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