Why Blood Management 

Why is blood management necessary?

• Improves patient safety by minimizing exposure to blood

• Reduces exposure to viruses and other blood borne diseases

• May reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections and complications

• May reduce length of stay in the hospital

• Conserves use of a precious community resource

• Reduces unnecessary patient care and hospital costs

When would a blood transfusion be recommended by my doctor?

A blood transfusion may be necessary when the body cannot produce blood quickly enough due to:

• Decreased blood cell production because of serious illness, medications, or chemotherapy

• Blood cell destruction caused by immune system reactions, diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia, or complications to previous blood transfusions

• Significant blood loss caused by trauma or high blood loss surgery

To learn more about our Blood Management Program, call our Blood Management Coordinator, Leslie, at 281-897-3485.