Maternity Tracker Smartphone App 

The new Maternity Tracker™ and Baby’s First Year features on Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital’s mobile app may not be able to get rid of your food cravings during pregnancy or keep you awake for a three a.m. feeding, but they can help moms-to-be and new mothers juggle all the responsibilities that come with expecting and taking care of a baby. The new features are being added to the hospital’s existing app that currently includes a mobile web browser to view the hospital’s emergency room wait time, map and directions, list of frequently called numbers, health data page, first aid guide, health library, and physician finder. The hospital’s app is powered by WorldLink, and available as a free download for iPhone™, iPad™, iTouch™, and Android™ devices, and BlackBerryproducts.

Expectant moms don’t need to tote a heavy pregnancy book around or write things down on a calendar. The Maternity Tracker feature that can help you fly through your pregnancy with flying colors includes a:

  • Countdown timer based on your due date with a graphical timeline.
  • Easy-to-use appointment tracker.
  • Journal to record baby movement that can be shared via social media, email and SMS.
  • Slide show of belly growth over time based on reference frames.
  • Helpful tips for both mom and dad throughout pregnancy.
  • List of baby names.
  • Section about how your body changes during pregnancy, including information about discomforts, growth, mood and hormones.

Closer to your due date, you can use the contraction timer that allows you to rate the severity of contractions, and the labor section that shows the stages of labor, relaxation and breathing techniques, delivery methods, and guidance about when to seek immediate attention.

New moms will be able to get all the information they need with the Baby’s First Year feature. Since being a parent is a full-time job, this feature allows you to record baby information and schedules, as well as track your baby’s weight and height. It also includes:

  • A section for journal entries and an activity log.
  • Lullaby music.
  • An appointment tracker and notes.
  • Immunization reminders and chart.
  • A baby feeding timer and photo calendar.
  • A link to the physician finder and facilities.

New mothers also have a variety of helpful information at their fingertips, such as a breastfeeding guide, list of diaper bag necessities, tips for childproofing your home, and information about solid foods for baby.

To download the hospital app for your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, visit the iTunes Store from your mobile device or click here. 

To download the hospital app for your Android mobile device, visit the Android Market from your mobile device or click here.

To download the hospital app for your BlackBerry device, visit the BlackBerry App World from your mobile device or click here.