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Your business can now receive injury care, pre-employment services, and urgent care all in one convenient location during extended hours seven days a week. Click here to see our locations and services.

Cypress Fairbanks Occupational Medicine Program (Occ Med) offers comprehensive workers’ compensation and occupational medicine services for area businesses. In particular, the hospital’s program addresses health conditions caused or worsened by the workplace environment. As one of the largest employers in the area, we also understand the challenges and sensitive nature of many workplace health issues.

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Employer partners benefit from the complete Cypress Fairbanks Occupational Medicine Program’s ability to treat their employees properly, notify key company personnel regarding the treatment, file claims quickly, and bill appropriately.

Company protocols can be established to help employer partners set guidelines for employee treatment and post-treatment follow-through.

Discover how the complete Cypress Fairbanks Occupational Medicine Program can provide you and your employees with high levels of personal care and service. 

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