Lymphedema Management Program 

The Lymphedema Management Program at the Cypress Fairbanks Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is committed to helping treat and manage the swelling and pain associated with lymphedema. Comprehensive lymphatic therapy consists of several elements to reduce symptoms including:

  • Exercise 
  • Skin care prevention techniques
  • Compression with bandaging and garments
  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Education and self-care instructions

For more information about this program, please call the Cypress Fairbanks Therapy and Rehabilitation Center at 281-897-3590.

What is lymphdema?
Lymphedema is a condition that occurs when lymphatic fluid accumulates in the soft tissue of the body.  The fluids accumulate due to a restriction in the lymphatic vessels, and the lymph fluid cannot flow freely through the system.  These obstructions may be a result of developmental problems, known as Primary Lymphedema, or from removal, damage or injury of the vessels or nodes, known as Secondary Lymphedema.

Mastectomy with axillary dissection for breast cancer is one of the most common triggers of lymphedema as the removal of breast and underarm lymph tissue disrupts the passage of lymphatic fluids through the axilla (armpit).  Other factors triggering lymphedema may be skin infections (such as cellulites), trauma, tumor growth, surgery involving removal or destruction of lymph vessels, or radiation therapy over lymphatic tissue. 

Persistent increase in limb size, the arm or leg, is a characteristic of lymphedema and may be accompanied by aching, weakness, redness, heaviness, tightness, and decreased flexibility of the limb.  Lymphedema is a manageable chronic disease that responds well to therapy intervention and patient education.

The experienced staff at the Cypress Fairbanks Therapy and Rehabilitation Center are licensed and have specific training in comprehensive lymphedema management.