June 2009 Health eNewsletter 

Summer Safety
The kids are running around outside, and the smell of food sizzling on the grill drifts through the air. But before you cool off in the water or get ready for a delicious picnic, check out these safety tips so your fun-filled season doesn't include a trip to the hospital emergency room or urgent care clinic. 
Beat the Heat
No Mosquitoes!
Bites and Stings
Pedestrian Safety
In the event of an emergency, the Emergency Department at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital and the Cypress Fairbanks Urgent Care Center are here to care for you and your family.

Helping Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep
Without enough shut-eye, children are more likely to struggle with their school studies, do poorly on the playing field, and suffer depression. Visit us online to learn about our sleep study services for pediatric patients ages 11 and older.

Free Preventive Cardiac Screening
Staying healthy starts with prevention. Join us for a free preventive screening on Saturday, June 13 to learn more about your individual risk factors for heart disease. Click here to register today.

Janice Shares Her Weight Loss Success Story
"Bariatric surgery was the key to unlocking my health." Read Janice's story about her weight loss journey with Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and important lifestyle changes.

Convenient Outpatient Services
Don't miss another day of work to take care of your outpatient health care needs! We offer convenient hours for outpatient diagnostic services including ultrasound, MRI, CT and more. Call 281-897-3121 to schedule your appointment today.

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight
Are you trying to quit smoking but worried about gaining weight? Click here to request a free pocket-sized guide featuring weight control tips that focus on eating healthy and managing stress without food or cigarettes.