Questions to Ask Your Doctor 

The Cypress Fairbanks Blood Management Program wants to make your decision easier.  Here are some important questions to ask your doctor or surgeon, which may help in your decision making process.

• Will I need a blood transfusion? If so, why?

• What can be done before surgery to reduce my risk of bleeding and need for a blood transfusion?

• What is my physician prepared to do to minimize or eliminate the need for a blood transfusion in my care plan?

• If I do need a blood transfusion, how might it affect my recovery?

• What are the risks involved with blood transfusions?

• What are the risks if I choose to avoid a blood transfusion?

If you are considering a blood management procedure, talk to your doctor first or contact a blood management center to find out if it is a good fit for you. Also, make sure you understand risks and benefits that go along with the procedure before you make up your mind.