Childbirth Education Classes 

The months and days before your delivery are filled with excitement as you prepare for the big event. You may paint the baby’s room, select a name, or organize clothes and blankets. We understand the importance of preparing for childbirth, so we offer expectant parents a variety of educational classes to help families prepare for the arrival of their new baby.

For more information or to register for a class, call 800-681-2733 or click here. Registration is required for all classes and there may be costs associated with certain classes. We recommend that classes be completed at least four weeks prior to the mother's due date.

Classes include: 

Preparing for Pregnancy Seminar

Join Cy-Fair Hospital for a seminar designed for couples to learn more about preparing for pregnancy. This free event will feature physicians and nurses from Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital discussing topics including getting your body ready for pregnancy, maintaining your health throughout pregnancy, and special health concerns related to pregnancy. A tour of the Women’s Health Center and refreshments will be provided.

Preparation for Childbirth

This class is designed for first-time parents. It covers the role of the birthing coach, breathing and relaxation techniques, and advantages and disadvantages of various birthing and medication options. A tour of the maternity suites will also be provided. Please bring two pillows to class and wear loose, comfortable clothing. This course is available as an all-day Saturday class or it can be taken one night a week for four weeks.


This in-depth, 90-minute class is designed to prepare the mother to successfully breastfeed her newborn. It covers techniques, benefits, feeding schedules, nutrition and common challenges encountered with breastfeeding.

Infant CPR

This one-hour class teaches parents injury prevention tips. It also covers how to baby-proof your home, administer infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Baby Care Basics

This two-hour class is designed for parents who are expecting a baby or who have already had a baby. It covers newborn appearance, growth and development, bathing, skin care, illness recognition, how to take a temperature and when to call a doctor.

Sibling Preparation

This 45-minute class gives children ages three to nine years old the opportunity to discuss their new role as a big brother or sister. Children will also be encouraged to discuss their emotions, home-life changes and how to be a “helper” to their parents. A tour of the hospital is included. At least one parent must stay for the entire class.